Educational Aid

Educational Assistance to Miss.Veena


WCW had in October 2014 decided to provide complete help to Veena Warrier, of Kalyan (near Mumbai), a student of SIES Jr. College, Mumbai, to meet all her expenses for her future education, initially to completion of graduation. Veena, aged 17, lost her father late Mr. Balachandra Warrier, recently in a cardiac attack, & the family is in great financial strain. Veena had reached a stage where she would not have been able to continue her studies (presently in std XII). Her mother has very limited income from taking tutions for students in the neighborhood of her house & there are no other earning members in the family. Her brother is still a student & is being assisted for studies by a relative. They live in a small rented house at Kalyan. WCW has therefore taken up full responsibility to meet entire funds required to complete Veena’s education, for next, minimum 3 years. WCW’s assistance will cover, all college fees, books, transportation expenses & even limited dress & pocket money. On 9th Nov. 2014, during the Western Regional Committee meeting of WCW, Veena & her mother Jaya Balachandran Warrier were invited to the meeting & WCW confirmed its assistance to Veena, by a letter accepting her request for assistance. Veena & her mother jointly accepted WCW’s offer letter & a first installment assistance of Rs. 5000/- was handed over to Veena. The letter of confirmation of WCW’s assistance was handed over to her by WCW president T.V. Ramachandran & the initial amount was handed over by Mr. N.V. Balakrishnan, who is sponsoring major funds for Veena’s aid. If any of you interested in such activities please contact: